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2014 News

Foremost School     January 2014
Public Meeting, Darley Memorial Hall,  10th February 6.30p.m.
There has been recent coverage in the local press concerning the future of Foremost School which is situated in the parish.  The School, which caters for boys aged 11-18 years with Behavioural, Educational or Social Difficulties was opened by NYCC in February 2012 when boys from Baliol School and Netherside Hall were transferred.  There have been various problems over the past 2 years, and the school was rated as Inadequate following  an OFSTED Inspection in March 2013, so it has since been in Special Measures. Although the situation is now greatly improved, NYCC has decided that the needs of the boys and staff could be better served by leasing the school to a private provider with a proven track record of delivering good or outstanding education and care services.

The consultation process , which runs until 7th March 2014, has now commenced concerning the closure of the School and its transfer to a private provider. You can access the on-line consultation form by clicking here .
As part of the consultation, a public meeting was held in Darley Memorial Hall on Monday 10th February at 6.30p.m. 


May/August News

 Tour de France    July 4-6   2014
Campers & Caravans at Darley Memorial Hall
Special free sports screenings on the big screen 
Reserve your place now   01423 780258
email  mailto:info@darleymemorialhall.com

New Chairman of Parish Council
At the Annual Meeting of Darley and Menwith Parish Council
Alan Cottrill was elected as Chairman for 2014/15 and Suzanne Truman Davies was elected as Vice Chairman 


 Dacre Stepping Stones
The stepping stones across the River Nidd at the edge of Darley / Dacre are to be replaced / re-aligned by NYCC later this summer (2014). The access from the bank will also be improved. 


Darley Village Store
Welcome Emilia!
Sa'ad Ali and his family have now gone to Dubai and the shop has been taken over by local resident, Emilia Erdei and family.  She wants to know what you want the shop to stock, when it should open etc, so do talk to her.  For now, the Post Office and shop hours will be as normal, but the shop could have extended hours if there is demand.
It is now up to you to use the shop!

 November 2014

Radio York in Darley
On 15 November, Darley featured as one of the clues in the popular Finders Keepers programme.  This involves 2 reporters driving a car around North Yorkshire, solving clues to get them to the next stop.  When they are given each clue, they speak to the clue-giver about the village or place they are in.
The clue in Darley took them to the village stocks, and Sue Welch, the clue-giver, had been told not to pass on the clue until a reporter had put their hands or feet through the stocks.  Sue was prepared with a picnic blanket as the grass was very wet - and she was also armed with a few tomatoes....   There followed an amusing five minutes when the reporter was pelted with tomatoes by Sue and his colleague and then had one rubbed on his face by the colleague.  I am told it made excellent radio!!
Sue then spoke a little about Darley, before solving the next clue and sending them on their way to Pateley Bridge to the new statue of 3 figures representing a shepherd, a miner and a monk down past the old railway station.   It was unfortunate that the fog meant that the reporters saw very little of Darley or the surrounding area, but they will certainly remember Darley because of the tomato pelting.  The studio presenter said it was the best clue activity they had ever had.
You can see photos and a short video on the Radio York facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/BBCYork  and the storybook of the episode https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.870806866285900.1073742047.116381951728399&type=3 also has a link to the whole programme which is available until 13 December. 
The Darley section is about 1 hour 9 minutes from the start.
Happy listening!