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Harrogate Borough Council Local Plan

Update 15 February 2018 
Following a meeting attended by around 50 people, where information about the Plan and how to comment was given, it was agreed that the Useful Facts document and the submission form should be made available on the web site, and at Darley Shop.
If you are able to respond on-line, go to https://consult.harrogate.gov.uk/portal and then click on Consultation on the Harrogate Local Plan and go through the sections and ADD COMMENTS.
If not possible, then collect a Submission Form at Darley Shop, or download one here.  Fill it in and return to Harrogate Borough Council.  
There is a WORD version and a PDF version.

You will generally want to comment on Chapter 10 - Delivery and Monitoring, Policy DM1 which show the specific allocations DR14 (88 houses on Sheepcote Lane) and DR1 (9 houses on Stumps Lane).  You may also wish to look at Chapter 11 which shows the Development Limits for Darley on map 11.48.
Read the Useful Facts sheet to check what your comments could / should include.
This phase of the consultation covers the Legality and Soundness of the Plan, and there is certainly scope for raising issues of Soundness.   It may also be worth re-commenting on things you have said before to make sure that the Inspector sees them, and comments you may have made on current Planning Applications on one of the allocation sites.

All comments must be in by 4.30p.m. on Friday 9 March.
The Plan and all submissions will be collated and then handed over to the Government Inspector, who will be judging if the Local Plan is legal and sound.  There will probably be a Public Inspection later in 2018.

The Parish Council will certainly be putting in a submission, but numbers matter, so it is important that everyone puts in a submission if you want to try and stop the massive changes to Darley that are threatened by this large number of houses in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with little local employment, poor public transport and under-maintained roads.

You need to take action NOW! 


Update 26 January 2018
The Harrogate Local Plan is now available for consultation.  Comments need to focus on the legality and deliverability of the scheme.  Use this link to access the plan for consultation. https://consult.harrogate.gov.uk/portal/pp/lp/pd18/pd18

The allocations for Darley still remain as 88 houses on Sheepcote Lane and 9 houses on Stumps Lane. These are in addition to the housing developments already approved.

There will be a public meeting at 7.30p.m. on 13 February in Darley memorial to allow you to find out more and to comment on the plan informally.  Comments you wish to make to HBC will need to be made to them, on-line.

Update 28 November 2017
The (possibly) revised Local Plan will be discussed and approved by the  HBC Cabinet on 29 November, and then by Full Council before Christmas. It is then expected to be made public for comments before final publication ready for inspection.

Consultation closed 23 December 2016
Report based on all the comments received expected Summer 2017

Housing site allocations for Darley published in Draft Local Plan are for
88 houses on Sheepcote Lane and 9 houses on Stumps (behind Potters Field)
See below to sign up and make your views known
There is also an exhibition / meeting on Monday 28 November from 7.30p.m. at Darley Memorial Hall.  Displays will be left up for viewing just before Film Night on Thursday 1st December

This sheet will explain how you can look at the information and respond to the consultation...
If you decide to respond to the full consultation on-line  you may find these notes helpful 
If you decide to respond via e-mail or by post, you can print off this form and fill it in manually, or download this one and enter info via a computer

Each local authority is charged with producing a Local Plan, which will indicate how the authority expects to develop over the next 20 years (to 2035).  A previous plan was completed in 2014, but when taken to Inspection by a Government Planning Inspector, as the last stage of its development it was not accepted on the basis that it did not make provision for enough housing.  This Plan was then withdrawn by HBC and a new one is now being created.

The Plan will include policies to guide development; sites for new homes and jobs; options for a new settlement in the district; allocations for Local Green Space and development limits for all settlements. 

It is expected that it will be ready for inspection again in 2018, but before that there will be opportunities for local residents to respond to draft versions during consultations.

The first draft will be available for consultation from 11 November 2016 to 23 December 2016 via http://consult.harrogate.gov.uk/portal. Check out this page and register now.
It can also be viewed at a pop-up event at Harrogate Interational Centre on 25 October 9- 5 and at a series of public exhibitions, including 17 November 2-7 at Pateley Bridge Methodist Church.  For details of the public exhibitions and pop-up event, click here.