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21 March   Latest PC Agenda                                     PC Meetings

21 March  Event Info updated 

27 Feb         Event Info updated 

Feb 2017     Diary updates                                                 Diary 

Feb 2017     Roadwork updates                                  Local Roadworks

Feb 2017     Treasure Trove in the Attic 23 March        DiB Events 

Feb 2017       Latest PC Agenda / Minutes                   PC Meetings

4 Jan  Archived older PC minutes 2011-14               Older Minutes

4 Jan   CCCC Annual General Meeting  17 Jan          Forthcoming Events 

4 Jan    Film Night- Absolutely Fabulous 20 Jan      Forthcoming Events 

4 Jan 2017   New Year's Eve event removed                  Recent Events 

4 Jan 2017    Dacre PC Minutes and Agenda                   Dacre PC Meetings

Dec    Updates re events 

18 Nov   Housing Development Updates                          Housing Dev 

18 Nov   PC Minutes and agenda posted                            PC Meetings

8 Nov  Public Meeting Notice posted                                    Home Page

7 Nov   Darley PC Minutes posted                                          PC Minutes 

7 Nov    Dacre PC Minutes and Agenda posted                   Dacre PC Meetings 

7 Nov    Autumn Quiz details posted         

7 Nov    Bonfire Night info                                                        Recent Events

27 Oct    Darley in Bloom Gallery photos added                    DiB Gallery

26 Oct  HBC Draft allocations of housing for Darley               HBC Local Plan

26 Oct   Ceilidh Pictures added                                                    Recent Events

18 Oct  Info and Link to HBC Local Pan Consultation site       HBC Local Plan

18 Oct  Darley Heritage Group update re meetings    Darley Heritage Group 2016 

11 Oct  Parish Council Minutes from 3 October               PC Meetings 

11 Oct   Part time staff needed at shop 

6 Oct    Dacre Parish Council Mins and Agenda            Dacre Meetings 

28 Sept  PC Annual Return and finance info posted        PC Finance 

27 Sept  Parish Council Agenda and papers                   Council Meetings 

25 Sept   Roadworks Update 

2 Sept    Ceilidh on 22 October                                               Events

2 Sept    PC Minutes (Aug 31) and planning response         PC Meetings

2 Sept    Roadworks updates and info                                       Roadworks 

July 31   Links to planning sites re current applications      Current Applics

July 31   PC Minutes posted                                                Council Meetings 

July 24  August Newsletter uploaded                                   Newsletters 

July 24  Info re DPFA AGM and shop update 1 Aug

July 19  PC Agenda and special meeting July 25             Council Meetings 

July  June PC Minutes posted                                                   Council Meetings

July   Coffee Morning re CCCC/shop                                                        Shop

July    Darley Open gardens  17 JUly                                                DiB Events 

July      Roadworks completed                                                 Local Roadworks

July        Keith Hardcastle awarded B.E.M.                                News

 June 5    PC May minutes                                           PC Minutes

June 1    Diary updates                                                     Diary

June 1    Roadworks updates                                            Roadworks 

May 17    PC Agendas for 24 May                                     PC Meetings

April 29    PC Minutes April                                                 PC Meetings 

April 27  Auction of Promises list                                             Events 

April 22   Dacre PC Minutes from 12 April                            Dacre PC

April 21  Agenda for PC April Meeting                                  PC Meetings 

April 19   Roadworks on B6451 Update                                 Roadworks

April 19     Hartwith PC Mnutes                                              Hartwith PC

March 30    Parish Assembly info                                             PC Meetings 

March    Info on Village shop Info Session                            Village Shop

March   Updates to diary

March    Parish Council March Minutes

Feb 19     Darley Parish Council Agenda 29 Feb            Darley PC Meetings

Feb 15     Dacre Parish Council Minutes added                    Dacre PC

Feb 8       Darley Memorial Hall is 70 Project             Darley Heritage Group

Feb 8     Kex Gill Roadworks Update                                       Roadworks 

Feb 4      Newsletter for Feb / March                                       Newsletters

Feb 4     Community Shop Update                                         Community Shop

 Jan 31    PC January Meeting Minutes                                             PC Meetings

Jan 28   Report and photos from Darley Debs January event    Darley Debs

Jan 27    Public Meeting re new housing 

Jan 19    PC Agenda  25 January                                      PC Meetings

Jan 18    Roadworks updates                                           Roadworks

Jan 15     Hartwith Minutes and January Agenda         Hartwith PC

Jan 12     Update on events information                      Events

Jan 12      Roadworks updates                                      Roadworks

Jan 10       Hartwith cum Winsley Agenda and Minutes     Hartwith PC

Jan 8           Roadworks update and sinkhole!           Roadworks

Jan 2016     Roadworks, roadworks,.....                         Roadworks