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Councillor Contact Details

Darley and Menwith Parish Council is made up of 7 Councillors, who are elected every 4 years.  The last election was in May 2016

The Councillors elected unopposed in May 2016 were  Dave Dickinson, Keith Hardcastle, Dave McQueen and Suzanne Truman Davies.  Keith Hardcastle completed 40 years as a parish Councillor in May 2016.
At its meeting on 24 May, the Council co-opted Helen Flynn as a Councillor, and in June Alan Cottrill was co-opted back on to the Council and Andrew Johnston was also co-opted.
Click here to view the registered interests of the Councillors.

Suzanne Truman Davies was elected Chairman of the Council for 2016/17

The Clerk to the Parish Council is:
Mrs Susan Welch          Green Acres, Sheepcote Lane, Darley HG3 2RP             780970

Current contact details for all Councillors are as follows:

Suzanne Truman Davies    4 Potters Field, Darley HG3 2PG                      

Alan Cottrill                       Nethergate, Daleside Park, HG3 2PX                           780441

David Dickinson               Station Lane House, Main St HG3 2QF                         780060 

Helen Flynn                       Carr Farm, Low Lane HG3 2QN                              07789 173011

Keith Hardcastle B.E.M.     Southfield Farm, Main St HG3 2PR                           780258    info@southfieldcottages.co.uk

Andrew Johnston               20 Low Green,  Main St HG3 2QA                          780644

Dave McQueen                     Barnlea, Main St  HG3 2QF                                        780973