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Darley Broadband Scheme

In 2012, the community was successful in gaining funding from North Yorkshire County Council to set up a Community Broadband Scheme.  This originally used a fibre optic cable coming in to Darley School to transmit a wireless broadband signal, which is then bounced to other transmitters around the area and received into households when a receiver is installed. The main link has a now been superceded by another fibre cable, but it still works on the same principle. Speeds of up to 30Mb/s can be accessed, and both download and upload speeds are very good.

Line of sight from a transmitter to your roof is needed, and  several of these have been set up.  It is not yet possible to service all households in the parish, but many can become part of Darleybroadband.net

The scheme is run by the Community Internet Service Provider (CISP) LN Communications Ltd, and you can check on their website for full details and to book a survey visit to see if you may be able to access the system. 
Name of company changed to Boundless Networks in late 2015.

You may also wish to contact Sue Welch for more information