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Local Roadworks

11 January 2018
Highways have been made aware of the loose chippings causing problems on Main Street, and the contractor for the surface dressing work in February has accepted responsibility . The contractor and NYCC will be carrying out regular road sweeping until the matter can be rectified when the weather improves.  20mph signs may also be erected to improve safety. 

Update 20 June
27 June for 4 days
Stumps Lane resurfacing    Road closed 0700 to 1730
Date is dependent on other works, so check the website or
Facebook Darley Community Group for updates

Vehicular access to properties may be affected, but the contractors will try to assist where possible during the working hours through the use of on-site personnel. Please be advised there will be extended periods when access will just not be possible.  Contact Customer Resolution Centre on 01609 70780 to identify and special access needs.

15 February 2017
Extra work elsewhere meant that the Darley Main Street work had to be postponed.
Now due on Thursday 15th  0800 to 1730. Buses will get through. 

9 February 2017
Work now scheduled   9/10 February  Sleights Lane,  13 February   Staupes Rd
14/15 February  Cote Hill Rd,  
15 February  Darley Main St between B6451 and Low Green

6 February 2017
I am told today... 'Work on Coldcotes Rd should be finished today. The contractor will then be moving on to CoteHill Rd, Staupes Rd and Sleights Lane which will be completed this week, dependent on the weather'.  These are the roads to the east of Coldcotes

27 January 2017
NYCC Highways have listed roadworks in the area that will take place over the next 6 months and Darley Head and Coldcotes Rd are included for resurfacing works. Coldcotes work would appear to be starting soon (sign says from 26 Jan!), but no actual dates yet known.  Details will be posted when available 

15 January 2017
Further investigative work is needed on the A59 at Kex Gill
This will be carried out over 4 weeks from 23rd January
Traffic will be regulated by temporary traffic lights, so beware of delays!

27 September
All current roadworks completed. No other known works planned  

26 / 27 September   B6451  (Traffic lights)
BT have indicated that they will be carrying out work on the B6451 near the junction with Main St and the road will be closed 0930 to 1530. Access will be maintained by 3-way traffic lights.

13 September 2016  Menwith Hill Rd

Closed for 4 days for resurfacing from 40m west of Stumps Lane to Sleights Lane
Stumps Lane crossroads will be inaccessible for the first morning of the work.
Closure and work expected 0700 to 1730 each day over the rest of the area.

4 July 2016
Both roads now open!! 

13 June 2016 Birstwith Rd
Work is progressing well.  Expected opening 8 July

13 June 2016  Hardgroves Hill B6451
Work progressing well.  Large concrete ground slab is due to be poured on 14 June and more news about opening date may be available once that job  has been assessed.

1 June 2016  Birstwith Rd
1 June 2016  B6451 at Hardgroves Hill

Both roads are now completely CLOSED
Diversion routes are in place 

26th April 2016  Birstwith Rd
Work will start on 16 May to repair the erosion at Oddy Deep, and is expected to last for 8 weeks. The road will be closed.  Diversion route will be put in place, and bus services will be re-routed 

19th April 2016  B6451  Hardgroves Hill
Work will start again on this section of road on 31 May 2016.
It is scheduled to last for 5 weeks (weather and problems permitting!) and diversions will be posted.  The road will be CLOSED for this period 

7th March 2016    B6451  Hardgroves Hill
NYCC Highways have now moved their attention to making Dibbles Bridge safe, prior to the Tour de Yorkshire.  They will then carry out emergency surface repair work on Hardgroves Hill through the traffic lights. A date for the resumption of the full project is still awaited.

28th February 2016  Kex Gill A59  is OPEN
NYCC are delighted to report that they have been able to re-open the A59 at Kex Gill to all traffic on 27th February, ahead of the expected date.

28th February 2016   Footpath remains CLOSED
Apologies for the earlier update.  The police notice has been removed from the footpath end in Sheepcote Lane, but the footpath remains closed by NYCC.
It has as yet not been possible to undertake any work to repair the sinkhole.

The area is dangerous and you should keep away. 

17th February 2016     Sinkhole Update
Footpath between Sheepcote Lane and Fringill Lane has now re-opened.

8th February  Kex Gill Update
I have just been informed that due to recent heavy rain, North Yorkshire County Council have had to undertake further stabilisation work at the Kex Gill site on the A59.This will extend the time needed to carry out the planned works, so the construction time has been extended by approx. 10 days.
The road is now expected to re-open during week beginning March 7th

18th January 2016      A59 Kex Gill
Work will begin on Monday 18 January to drain water from an area of instability at the top of the slope above Kex Gill (A59).
The works are expected to take 6 weeks to complete and bad weather may cause further delays. The road will remain closed during these works.  Drivers are urged to use the official diversions.
Other local roadworks will be put on hold during these A59 repairs so as not to cause other diversion issues.  This includes the work on the B6451 at Hardgroves Hill.

 12th January 2016    UPDATE B6451
Update re work on Hardgroves Hill B6451
Resources are needed to repair the A59 at Kex Gill, and additional diversions are not sensible, so further work on the B6451 has been postponed until after the A59 work is completed. No date known                                                             Parish Clerk, 12 January 2016

8th January 2016 - ??
UPDATE  11 January.  Early re-opening unlikely.
Footpath between Sheepcote Lane and Fringill Lane closed by police as large sinkhole has appeared.  Closure confirmed by NYCC Rights of Way, with an order for 6 months.
Area will be assessed to see when/if closure can be lifted, but it is currently dangerous and people should keep away                                                              Parish Clerk  8 January 2016 

5th January 2016 - ????
UPDATE   12 January
Damage has been found and NYCC are assessing repairwork.  Road remains closed and no date yet given for work and re-opening.
Kex Gill on A59 is CLOSED until further notice
NYCC Highways need to check and repair damage caused by heavy rains 
7th January - problems found that need action so opening date not known

11th - 15th January 2016
7th January - work started early - on 7 January.
Almost complete - to be finished on 11 January  COMPLETED
Drainage repair work will be carried out on the flooded area near Ross Bridge on Darley to Birstwith Rd.  Traffic management will be by traffic lights.
                                                                                     Parish Clerk,   5 January 2016 

mid January 2016
It is expected that the roadworks will re-commence on Hardgroves Hill on the B6451 and the road will again be completely closed.  Exact date not yet known

4th-8th January 2016
Sheepcote Road will be closed between Main Street and Walker Lane to allow a water  connection to be made  UPDATE     Now open evening 5 January 2016

 6th November
Road now open under traffic light control
These have been stuck on red on occasions.  If you find them like this, please notify the Parish Clerk, or send an e-mail to NYCC Highways and it should be corrected very quickly.

4th November
Due to more problems with difficult ground conditions, the programme has slipped further. A decision has therefore been taken to suspend work at a stage when it is still possible to close the site and open the road under temporary traffic lights. Further excavation would take the work past the point of no return, and the planned completion date would very probably be over-run.
The current plan is that traffic lights will be installed and the road will be opened at the end of shift on Friday 6th November 2015
The work will have to be completed after the Christmas break, so this is only a temporary reprieve, but the decision to postpone has been taken in order to minimise the impact on local businesses.

30th October
Poor weather conditions and other problems mean that the work is currently 1 week behind schedule.  Problems being experienced on local roads being used as unofficial diversions have been reported and will be monitored. Please report any particular potholes and extra wear and tear on these roads, as the contractors will need to take care of these once the main job is finished.  Please report to clerk@darleyparishcouncil.org.uk

23rd October
There have been some difficulties but extra resources have been brought in to help and the work is currently still on schedule.  It is unlikely to finish before the estimated 9 weeks.
Roadsigns blown over in the strong winds are to be re-erected.

9th October
Signs have now been posted as mentioned below and the local situation is improving.

7th October
The Highways Inspector visited today and has agreed to provide extra signage.
Signs stating  LOCAL ACCESS ONLY    NO DIVERSION ROUTE  will be put up at the ends of Sheepcote Lane, Crake Lane, Moorcock Lane and Low Lane on the B6451 and at the ends of Walker Lane and Sheepcote Lane in the main village.
It is hoped that this might help the situation.
I am assured that the work is continuing as fast as possible, and the closure is still expected to be 9 weeks from its start date

6th October
I am taking phone calls every day from people concerned about safety on Sheepcote Lane, Crake Lane, Walker lane and Moorcock lane. Cars avoiding the roadworks are travelling at high speeds along these narrow lanes and there have been several near misses.
I have today requested temporary speed restriction signs and signs warning that they are one track lanes and must be used with care....

28th September
Work commenced.  Road closed and diversion signs in place

28th September for 9 weeks


North Yorkshire County Council will be undertaking highway
maintenance works on the B6451 Hardgroves Hill, Darley,
involving major works to repair the landslip, between the junctions with Moorcock Lane and Sheepcote Lane.
The works are currently programmed to commence on Monday 28 September and last for 9 weeks.

The road closure for the works on the B6451 between the junctions with Moorcock Lane and Sheepcote Lane will be a full 24 hour, 7 days a week closure

The work is part of an extensive programme and as a consequence it is possible that some adjustment to this start date or the duration of the works may be necessary should unforeseen circumstances (such as significant weather events or emergencies on the highway network arise)

I will update this article as and when I have current news. 
Sue Welch, Parish Clerk    14 September 2015


11 May 2015 for 2 weeks     Main Street

Work completed 21 May    Enjoy the magnificent new road! 

 Update 12 May 2015
I have just been informed that the section from Low Green to Stumps Lane should be completed by Friday 15th.  The section from Stumps Lane to The Holme will be done from Monday 18th and should be finished on Thursday 21st
Work has started.  The top surface has been scraped off from Low Green to near Daleside. Access is being allowed for residents.  The post is getting through.  I have informed HBC re possible problems re refuse collection                                                          S Welch

Update 7 May 2015
The work is likely to commence at Low Green and will move along eastwards.
Buses will not be able to get through, apart from school buses and those at 12.46 and 13.02
Buses after 17.00 and at weekends will operate as normal
There will be a person on site at all times to help with access to premises
Contact NYCC on 01609 780780 with queries
If this does not help, call the Parish Clerk on 01423 780780                         S Welch

ROADWORKS for 2 weeks from 11 May 2015  along Main Street
09.30 to 15.30 Low Green to Stumps     07.30 to 17.00  Stumps to The Holme
Both sections will NOT be closed at the same time.
Further info will be posted as available

Sue Welch, Parish Clerk      30 April 2015



31 March 2014 for 8 weeks  -       Road re-opened 2 May                  

Road closure of the B6451 between A59 Dangerous Corner and Long Slack Farm (Paxton's Farm Shop) to allow work on culverts.

Sue Welch, Parish Clerk
16 March 2014