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Meetings 2017

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The Council does not meet in August or December
The Parish Assembly as an annual meeting which gives all residents the opportunity to hear about what has been going on in the parish, ask questions of the Council and discuss current issues.  Parish Assembly 2017 is on Monday 24th April at 8.00p.m.

Agendas Minutes
 30 January     Clerk Report     Budget Jan 2017  30 January
 27 February   Clerk Report     Budget February 2017  27 February
 27 March      Clerk Report       Budget March 2017  27 March
 24 April        Clerk Report  24 April
 Annual Parish Assembly
24 April
         Councils Report      Organisations Report
 Parish Assembly

Special Planning Meeting 10 May
Annual Meeting     FinalAccounts    Governance Statements

Annual Meeting

 22 May    Clerk Report    Budget May 2017 22 May
26 June    Clerk Report  26 June

 13 July Public Meeting and PC Meeting    13 July

31 July    Clerk Report

 13 July

31 July 

2 October (Sept meeting)   Budget Sept 2017  2  October
 30 October    Budget Oct 2017     Cooption Application  30 October
 27 November        Budget Nov 2017       Clerk Report  
2018/19 Budget Draft 1
 27 November
 18 December (Planning)