Darley Playing Fields

Published: 02 July 2020

The housing development in Valley Road is due to start in the next week or so and is expected to last for 26 weeks.  The trustees of Darley Playing Fields have agreed for Harrogate Borough Council to access the site from the Playing Field. This is to minimise the impact of heavy lorries travelling along Valley Road where possible.

In return, HBC will temporarily fill in the worst of the potholes that are in the drive beside the football field and will level off the ground behind the goalposts (this began on Monday). HBC will use the rubble and the excess soil from the build to complete the levelling off behind the goalposts. On completion of the build, HBC will resurface the drive beside the football ground with 50mm clean stone finish.

Next week, the area at the end of the drive (the turnaround circle) will be fenced off for a couple of weeks to allow the garages to be demolished safely. There may be some inconvenience for those that use the shop - HBC have agreed to minimise this inconvenience. 

Moving forward, the trustees are looking at the potential uses that the ground behind the goal could be used for. A number of ideas have been suggested and the trustees are looking at the different options for what use this land could be put to.