Darley Memorial Hall

Darley Memorial Hall

This is a large hall accommodating several hundred people.

It has a large main area with stage, as well as audio-visual facilities including a sound system, data projector and cinema-size screen. There is also a well-equipped kitchen, meeting room, bar and snooker room with 2 full-size tables. In 2019 its large carpark was tarmacked.

Several groups meet regularly in the Hall e.g. Zumba, Indoor Bowls, Snooker Club and it is also the venue for monthly dances and for many of the village's big events events throughout the year.

It is available for hire for meetings (small or large room), indoor bowls, conferences, dances etc. A silk-effect canopy can be erected, covering the high ceiling and walls, making it an ideal venue for weddings, and it is always beautifully decorated for the Annual New Year's Eve Party organised by Focus on Darley.

E-mail info@darleymemorialhall.com  for further information or to make a booking.

Darley Memorial Hall Past Events

International Youth Festival Concert 2016 

Queen's 90th Birthday Party 2016

Darley Memorial Hall is 70
November 2017
Cutting the Cake

Memorial Hall at New Year

Memorial Hall at New Year

Memorial Hall set for concert

Memorial Hall Snooker Room