Planning applications are usually sent to the Parish Council for comment, and they are looked at during the Parish Council meetings, after which a response is sent to Harrogate Borough Council.  The plans, applications and all comments are posted on the Planning Section of their website.  Please click here to access the Public Access section of Planning pages on the Harrogate Borough Council website.
Updates on proposed large developments, or controversial applications are given below.

A Village Design Statement was agreed in 2006, and reviewed in 2016. Harrogate Borough Council usually take this into account when dealing with applications, although it is not compulsory.  Please click here to view the Village Design Statement. 

During 2017/18, Harrogate Borough Council carried out a public consultation into the Local Plan, which aims to set the development limit of the village and highlight the preferred options for building to give the required number of houses throughout the borough for the period to 2030. In Darley the allocated sites are a site west of Stumps Lane, for 9 houses, and a site off Sheepcote Lane for 88 houses.   It is expected that the Plan will go for inspection later in 2018 and become approved in 2019.

Important Recent Planning Proposals

Sheepcote Lane (16/02700/FULMAJ)
26 houses application REFUSED by HBC
Grounds included safety issues at the junction with Main St, unsuitable roads leading to site and the fact that it represents inefficient use of the site, as HBC wish to have 88 houses within the Local Plan covering that site and an attached area.

Darley Mill Centre
Listed Building application for conversion of Mill to form apartments and houses was APPROVED by HBC Planning Committee on 9th January 2018 

Stumps Lane (west)
5 Houses
Revised plans now being considered August 2018