Planning applications are usually sent to the Parish Council for comment, and they are looked at during the Parish Council meetings, after which a response is sent to Harrogate Borough Council.  The plans, applications and all comments are posted on the Planning Section of their website.  Please click here to access the Public Access section of Planning pages on the Harrogate Borough Council website.
Updates on proposed large developments, or controversial applications are given below.

Click here to download a document giving information on how to reach particular applications, and send in comments. 

A Village Design Statement was agreed in 2006, and reviewed in 2016. Harrogate Borough Council usually take this into account when dealing with applications, although it is not compulsory.  Please click here to view the Village Design Statement. 

During 2017/18, Harrogate Borough Council carried out a public consultation into the Local Plan, which aims to set the development limit of the village and highlight the preferred options for building to give the required number of houses throughout the borough for the period to 2030. In Darley the allocated sites are a site west of Stumps Lane, for 9 houses, and a site off Sheepcote Lane for 88 houses.   The Plan was inspected at Public Hearings in January / February 2019

January 2019 - The Draft Local Plan is now being looked at by an Inspector, who has commented on Darley within his Matters, Issues and Questions Documents. He questions whether  the number of houses planned within Darley, and within the AONB is  justified. The Parish Council Chairman has been arguing this case, and the Inspector has indicated his concerns about such development which affects the landscape and character of the village adversely, is disproportionate to the current size and standing of the village and  is a major development in the AONB.  Further information can be found on the HBC Local Plan Examination website

March 2019 - Good News!  The Inspector has sent a letter to HBC suggesting that the large sites within the AONB - including DR14 in Darley (88 houses) should be DELETED from the Local Plan.  HBC will now have to respond to the Inspector and it is likely that they will accept his advice and the proposal of a large block of houses in Darley will be removed! This should affect the current application for 60 houses on part of site Dr14, but this cannot be certain until the final report is published and the Local Plan adopted - probably in the summer! The Parish Council will continue the fight.

60 Houses off Meadow Lane

Update 10 March 2019

There are now over 200 objections posted on the HBC Public Access site for this application.  The Nidderdale AONB Joint Advisory Council has also put in a strong objection, supporting comments made by the Parish Council.  The Parish Council's objections were challenged by the developer, but these have now been reinforced with a further response prepared jointly with Directions Planning Consultancy.  The representative from NYCC Highways has suggested that Meadow Lane is not a suitable access for this size of development. We are still awaiting the Inspector's Report from the Local Plan Hearings.

Update 26 January 2019

A planning application for Outline Permission for up to 60 houses on fields at the back of Meadow lane and Low Green (18/05181/OUTMAJ) was submitted on 21 December 2018.
The site is part of the site DR14 identified by HBC (Harrogate Borough Council) as a proposed site for 88 houses within the Draft Local Plan.

The Parish Council is contesting the proposal that 88 houses are needed in the Local Plan at the hearings with the Inspector during January 2019, and has been offering evidence at the examination hearings for the Local Plan which are currently taking place. The Inspector has stated that he considers the allocation excessive and that he does not support such development in the AONB, nor developing sites that affect the landscape and character of a village. He also pointed out that National Policy and HBC Policy states that any major development within the AONB should be refused unless there are exceptional circumstances and it is in the public interest. He stated that he had not seen any evidence of such exceptional circumstances.


A public meeting attended by 85 people was held on 24th January 2019, and the meeting was unanimous in its opposition to the scheme.
Various concerns were put forward, including: surface water drainage; lack of infrastructure and services (inc GPs) to support this extra housing; the sheer number of houses compared with the 300 currently in the main part of the village, and the fact that an additional 60+ have already been given permission in the past 3 years and are now being built - increasing the main village by 20% before this additional 60; that HBC do not give sufficient weight to the adverse effect of such developments in the AONB; nor to the adverse effects n the shape and character of villages; that this development could be opening up adjacent areas to development; that the access from Meadow Lane is impossible as it is a narrow road with many parked cars; that an additional 100+ cars using the junction to Main St will be a safety hazard; that development in the AONB should be restricted to infill of up to 10 houses.....

The Parish Council will consider the application at its meeting on 28th January and submit a response, but it was pointed out that individual residents must also put in objections, in order to make the strength of feeling heard.  The Case Officer (Andy Hough) will have to note the total number of objections, even if many of them say the same thing.

 So anyone objecting to the application, is urged to send in an objection
The two main areas are probably
Access - is Meadow Lane suitable for an additional 100 cars and for construction vehicles?
Major development in the Nidderdale AONB - current National Planning Policy, and HBC's own emerging policy on the AONB states that major developments should be refused unless there are exceptional circumstances. These have not been demonstrated.

Click here to download a document that will help you to find the planning application on the HBC Planning website, and also tells you how to send in your comments. The easiest way is to send an e-mail to, making sure you quote the application number 18/05181/OUTMAJ or send a letter to Planning Dept, Harrogate Borough Council, Civic Centre, St Luke's Ave, Harrogate HG1 2AE before 1st February

Some residents expressed interest in working as a group and talked of petitions, banners etc, but the first stage needs to be objections sent to HBC by as many people as possible. 


Major Recent Planning Proposals

Outline Planning Application for 60 houses (18/05181/OUTMAJ)

See above

Stumps Lane (west)
5 Houses
Application permitted by HBC Planning Committee November 2018. Work expected to start after the Darley Mill development 

Darley Mill Centre
Listed Building application for conversion of Mill to form apartments and houses was APPROVED by HBC Planning Committee on 9th January 2018. Work expected to start July 2019