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Published: 15 May 19

Full list of Darley events in 2019


Published: 6 May 19

Kex Gill (A59) will be closed from 13-17 May for final re-surfacing work Read More...


Published: 2 May 19

Minutes from 2019 Parish Assembly and April Parish Council Meeting Read More...


Published: 1 May 19

An Outline Planning Application hfor a further18 houses, with access from Walker Lane has now been WITHDRAWN Read More...


Published: 29 Apr 19

Possible Development on Station Road - initial ideas will be changed Read More...


Published: 25 Mar 19

Inspector recommends deletion of site DR14 (88 houses) in Darley from HBC Local Plan Read More...

Local Roadworks 2018/2019

 6 May 2019  Message from NYCC Highways

Re: A59 Kex Gill Road Closure

We have been in discussion with our works contractor and we can confirm that through working longer hours and amending the works schedule slightly, our contractor is fairly confident they can get the Kex Gill road open by Friday May 17th late evening. They aim to remove all the traffic management Friday evening and reopen the road in time for the Otley Show on Saturday 18th May. They will then return on Sunday to complete the works but this activity will be carried out using alternative traffic management to enable the road to remain open.

We apologise for the inconvenience and disruption which will inevitably be caused by this road closure however, we hope the fact that the road will be open earlier than originally expected will come as welcome news.


 1 March 2019
On-going work by Open Reach along Main Street east from Fringill Beck
Vehicles under control of traffic lights 

12th February 2019
Crake Lane closed for 1 day on 12th February for BT work 

 5th October 2018

Sorry - we are now told that the resurfacing will not be done during this financial year - but will definitely be on the list for early in the next financial year when the weather is fit (e.g. after May 2019).  the Parish Council has voiced its disappointment that we have had to wait so long.... 

25th September 2018
Sorry - still no news on when the repair work may be carried out. Some other roads have been done in our area, nut not Darley!  Our NYCC Councillor, Stan Lumley, is on the case....

24th August 2018
Unfortunately there has still been no sighting of new surface dressing work in the village. The Clerk is trying to fund out when this might happen.

6th August 2018
We are informed that the contractor will be making good the surface dressing work during the second half of August 2018. 

11th January 2018

The problem with loose chippings on Main St has been reported to NYCC Highways and the contractor responsible for surface dressing in 2017 is now committed to sweeping the road regularly to remove the chippings, and to carry out permanent repairs once the weather allows.

Local Roadworks 2017

27th June for 4 Days

Stumps Lane Resurfacing. Road Closed 7:00 to 17:30.
Date is dependent on other works, so check the website or Facebook Darley Community Group for updates.
Vehicular access to properties may be affected, but the contractors will try to assist where possible during the working hours through the use of on-site personnel. Please be advised there will be extended periods when access will just not be possible. Contact Customer Resolution Centre on 01609 70780 to identify and special access needs.

15th February

Extra work elsewhere meant that Darley Main Street Work had to be postponed. It's now due to start on Tuesday 15th 8:00 to 17:30. Buses will still be able to pass through. 

9th February

Work now scheduled:
9th/10th February on Sleights Lane, 13th February on Staupes Road, 14th/15 February on Cote Hill Road and 15th February on Darley Main Street between B6451 and Low Green.

6th February

I am told today, "Work on Coldcotes Road should be finished today. The contractor will then be moving onto Cote Hill Road, Staupes Road and Sleights Lane which will be completed this week, dependent on the weather." These are the roads to the East of Coldcotes.

27th January

NYCC Highways have listed roadworks in the area that will take place over the next 6 months and Darley Head and Coldcotes Road are included for resurfacing work. Coldcotes work would appear to be starting soon (Sign says 26th January!), but no actual dates yet known. Details will be posted when available.