Published: 25 March 2019

Following the Examination Hearings in January, the Inspector has now sent a letter to HBC, suggesting that the large site in Darley, and other large site sin the AONB should be deleted from the Local Plan.  Click here to see the letter.
HBC now have to respond to this letter, and it is likely that they will follow his advice and delete the Darley allocation. This would then mean it would be unlikely that the current planning application for 60 houses would be approved.
This follows considerable effort by the Parish Council in attending and speaking at the Hearings over 4 days, and employing a Planning Consultant to assist. 

However - all of this takes time, and even after the HBC response to the Inspector there will then be another period of public consultation, so the final Plan, which then becomes what the Planning Officers MUST adhere to, will not be adopted before the Summer.  So the fight has to continue.
The Parish Council will continue to object to the current large development and any other applications on DR14, and will employ a Planning Consultant again if necessary.