Published: 29 April 2019

 Update 29 April 2019.  The original scheme did not get initial approval from HBC at a Pre-Planning Meeting.  The landowner is currently revising the scheme.  There is as yet no planning application

At a recent Parish Council meeting, a landowner presented his proposal for a development of self-build houses and affordable rental housing on a site on Station Road.
The idea is that the rental housing would be occupied by local people, with local people involved in the selection of the tenants.
It was a lively meeting and various concerns were raised. 

Click here for suggested site plans and 3D images, although the landowner stresses that nothing is set in stone and the actual housing provided would be designed to suit local need. However, it would all be of the highest quality..

This is currently only a proposal and no planning application has yet been submitted. If an application is received, the Parish Council will discuss and respond and individuals will also be free to send in their own comments.